My love of art started, like most, when I was a kid. Art class was always my favorite in elementary school. As I got older, and after the internet had made it’s debut, I discovered that you could use the computer to also make art. As much as I loved drawing, I realized I enjoyed games where I could design things – put them in a place, have consistency, etc. (Think of the original Zoo Tycoon, I spent many hours designing exhibits and walkways!)

I started seeing digital art crop up as I discovered more of the internet’s depths. I immediately fell in love, and started expanding my knowledge on how to recreate these magnificent things I was seeing. Unfortunately there wasn’t much success for me in the illustration part until recent years, but I fell in love with making web page designs and other similar layouts.

After graduating high school, I applied to the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Arts and went into Graphic Design and truly found my passion. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2011.

As much as I love design, it’s not the only thing I love doing. I’ve been involved with horses for the majority of my life, and have had my own handsome boy for 19 years – we got him at the age of 1! I continue to ride and show him in speed events for fun. It’s incredibly gratifying to teach an animal that large and form a bond to work as a team.